Kai got off to a tough start at the TSF game vs. Putnam Science Academy in New Haven, Connecticut Saturday, November 9. Both Kai and teammate Jordan Willmore were saddled with fouls too early and sat out most of the middle part of the game.

But with Putnam up by as much as 17 points, in the halfway mark of the second half of the game, Kai and TSF stayed resilient and chipped away at Putnam’s lead to whittle it down to a close one-possession in the last two minutes of play.  But Putnam dug in and proved the better team in this game, winning 77-69 vs. TSF.

Kai was a revelation to basketball experts in this game, leading his team with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, and a whole lot of elite basketball moves.  The game commentators kept on talking about the unlimited potential of the 17-year old 7’2 Philippine athlete who showed amazing talent, a big repertoire of moves, a smooth shooting hand and lots of smart thinking.  They praised Kai for his unselfishness, his willingness to pass to teammates; although at several points, they suggested that he needs to know when to simply go for the goal when he is in direct line of sight because if he did, he would be unstoppable.  They agreed that with a little bit more heft and muscle on his lean frame, Kai would be an exciting player to watch in the next couple of years.

Draft Express, one of the leading basketball experts had this to say about Kai:  Impressive 21 points from 7-1 #philippines native Kai Sotto… Sotto was patient and poised in the post, utilizing pump fakes and pivots to create the angles he wanted.  Has to add weight and get in better shape but can definitely hoop for a 17.5 year old.

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Evan Daniels had this to say:  Strong showing for Kai Sotto, one of the Philippines, on day one of the National Prep Showcase.  Every bit of 7-2, with an impressive skill set/scoring package and mobility. He is certainly a potential NBA prospect.

Boris Beric @_borisberec says”. Didn’t think I would see the day that Kai Sotto would be playing high school ball in the States, but here we are.  Was interesting to see him play in a setting outside of the Philippine youth squads where the whole offense was ran through him. Instinctual passer with plus touch.

BPA Hoops @BPA Hoops:  Kai Sotto had a strong showing this afternoon.  Explored playing over in Europe, but the Philippines native relocated to the US ..and is playing with TSF.  Legit 7-1 with perimeter skills and touch around the rim.

YurView Sports @yurviewsports: #Filipino phenom Kai Sotto is keeping TSF in the game, showing why he’s on the #NBA radar.  

Overtime shared a quick highlights clip with us, below:

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