Kaiju is the Japanese word for “strange creature” or “giant monster”

 In Japanese films, Kaiju is a badass beast who dominates cities, armies, and everything and anything that’s put in its way.  The most popular Kaiju is Godzilla but in Japanese films especially, there is a range of legendary creatures that are classified as Kaiju – all of them huge, dominant, major forces of nature.

When Kai Sotto plays in front of Asian crowds, fans chant Kai-ju! Kai-ju! Kai-ju!  At 17 years old and already 7’3” and 229 lbs, Kai indeed is the closest to a Kaiju on the basketball court.  The young Kai is currently on a multiple-year journey to truly becoming Kaiju. He is in Atlanta to further hone his already amazing basketball skills and to learn to compete on a bigger, more global stage and effectively, to learn all that it takes to become truly Kaiju!

Kai himself very humbly tells everyone he is still very far from that badass monster of Kaiju legend.  But he understands that’s his goal. He is working very hard daily to live up one day to becoming the Kaiju that the stadium crowds chant when he gets on the court.  To consistently deliver monster games, monster stats, monster performances!  

It promises to be an amazing journey of transformation.  Kai arrived at Maynard Jackson International in April as a young, shy boy with strong basketball skills; only a few months later, a more confident young man is emerging, with even stronger basketball skills.  He will be tested and forged through the fire of his first season playing American basketball. Kai himself says he has a lot to learn. And he appreciates all the fans and supporters worldwide who have written him and consistently follow him on social media, providing encouragement and watching his every move and development.  He knows what he needs to get done. But the journey has just begun and a global Kaiju – one who will be a major force to reckon with – is in the works!

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